Austin Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

You may not consider your garbage disposal to be all that complex. After all, you toss in some scraps, flip a switch and then it’s done, right? Well, sure, but in actuality your disposal is comprised of a moderately complex series of working parts, including both mechanical and plumbing. So, when you need a garbage disposal repair, who can you call on to be sure all of these myriad working elements can be handled accurately, professionally and quickly? The professionals at RC’s Plumbing, that’s who!

Our experts have all the skill and training necessary to ensure your garbage disposal repair goes off without a hitch. Our team builds itself upon excellence in all regards, delivering the very best to our consumers on every project.

The professionals at RC’s Plumbing are at the ready to assist with your garbage disposal repair! Contact us today, either online, or over the phone at (512) 736-8870. We’re always available, and ready to deliver smiles with our top-notch service!

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These guys are amazing about responsiveness. I called on a Saturday talked to Robert and Justin was out here within two hours of my call. We were so shocked. They’re pricing is extremely reasonable and fair for 24 hour immediate service. We could not be happier. They cleaned out our p-trap drain and then had to snake about 3 ft into the wall and finally unclogged it. You won’t be disappointed with their work. Justin even gave me pointers on how to clean out our drain every year so it doesn’t clog again because of the A/c condescending/drip unit on it. Justin left everything clean as a whistle I didn’t even have to go back over his mess because there wasn’t a mess. Seriously we were shocked how responsive they were and highly recommend them to everyone. We will be passing out their business cards for sure.
Michelle P
03:22 18 Aug 19
This was a great experience having RC's Plumbing install the kitchen faucet for us. I sent the service request to several plumbers. They either ignored me or put me on the schedule a week later. Robert responded to me right after I sent him the message and told me that they could get it done on that day. Justin came to our house about three hours later and got it installed in a little over an hour. The new faucet, after we purchased it, had sit in the package for a week and we did not expect that it was installed in such a short time frame after I contacted RC's Plumbing. And the work was done very well. Justin packed the old faucet and took it away for us. He cleaned the mess in the kitchen he had to create during the process. We highly recommend RC's Plumbing and will keep using their services.
Malena Mcbride
13:58 14 Aug 19
My wife and I are first time home buyers. We needed an expansion tank installed on our water heater and our Realtor referred us to RC's Plumbing; Robert was our Tech. He was very friendly and professional and completed the task with ease. Even when we asked him a random question about our fridge, he took the time to give it a quick look over and gave us advice. We would definitely recommend their service to anyone.
Christopher Scribble Berry
23:41 07 Aug 19
Good, Friendly Service. They were fast, efficient and able to see me last minute late on a Saturday afternoon. Did a good job and up for any task. I'd recommend them.
Daniel Blenkinship
02:57 30 Jul 19
Noticed my toilet valve was leaking. I called RC plumbing the next morning to get it replaced and to my surprise they were able to come that same day at a time that fit my schedule. The tech was very friendly and helpful. He was able to replace my valve really quickly. However, after replacing it, he flushed the toilet and realized that the toilet itself was leaking really bad. Again to my surprise he told me he could repair the toilet too and he just had to head back to the shop to get parts. He was back pretty quickly, and rebuilt the toilet in no time.Overall, I am very impressed with this company. They were efficient, got to me the same day I called, and I thought the price was good. I would recommend them to anyone with a plumbing issue.
Chris Delpire
01:01 21 Jul 19
We had a water leak after another plumber fixed an exterior hose bibb and we unfortunately couldn't get in contact with them. Thankfully we called RC instead and Robert answered right away. He came out the next day and the issue was fixed in a few hours. The price was very reasonable too.After working with a few other plumbers in the area, I'm so relieved to finally find one who does great work, is responsive, and charges a fair price.
Josh Ramynke
23:09 19 Jul 19
Justin is awesome! Nice guy! Easy to communicate. Honesty and professional. I got a quote from another plumbing company nearly double of their’s. Highly recommend!
Livia Hu
00:14 18 Jul 19
My experience with RC's Plumbing is excellent. Robert definitely knows his stuff! My water heater started leaking while I was on my way to the airport. Robert came and replaced the water heater while I was abroad and the vast majority of the work was done before I came back. He even came to finish a few minor things on a Sunday morning after my return. I am now asking him to fix the main home shut-off valve which is not working as it should. I would definitely recommend RC's Plumbing and Robert!
Emmanuel Sambuis
20:37 15 Jul 19
Justin worked for three hours in our home on a Saturday night, fixing a unique plumbing issue with a smile on his face and carrying good conversation. Local, punctual, all around great service. Can’t recommend these guys enough.
Doug Wilson
02:30 14 Jul 19
We called RC's Plumbing Company on a Saturday night because there was a leak somewhere on the second floor and water was seeping through the roof of our first floor. Needless to say we were panicking and Robert answered our call right away and came over immediately to assess the situation. He assured us that we wouldn't wake up to a swimming pool the next day and promptly came Sunday morning to fix the issue. He was really nice, professional and definitely knows his stuff not to mention his prices are reasonable and fair. Long story short, we have found our go-to plumber and couldn't be happier. We would definitely recommend.
Rosa Saavedra
17:51 07 Jul 19
Robert and Justin are very thorough and efficient in the work. They provide excellent service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I have used them on several commercial projects and the finished product has been great.
Chris Hellerman
15:00 25 Jun 19
These guys know their stuff. Very knowledgeable and patient with me for all of my questions. They came out, hooked up a new water heater, and set up my water softener that I bought off Amazon without any complaint or issue. It was crazy hot in my attic as well! These guys are troopers.
Hudson Akridge
20:45 20 Jun 19
I called RC plumbing company to assess some water issues thinking it was related to plumbing. Justin, one of the owners, came to the house within 30 minutes. He assessed the situation and opened the shower tap while explaining things. He determined it was not a plumbing issue and provided me with a referral to someone who could fix it. Justin did not charge for the visit. I highly recommend Justin at RC Plumbing!!
Lisa P
17:06 17 Jun 19
I think I’ve found the plumbers of my dreams! These guys go above and beyond with their service. I originally called RC while I was dealing with a complicated insurance claim. They were not only able to work around my tight schedule, but prioritized my plumbing issues by coming in last minute, even finishing a project in the evening so I could return to my claim. Can’t say enough good things about these guys. In Austin it’s been rare for me to find a plumber that has an open ear and treats your work like it’s really important. In a city with plenty of work, it’s often the opposite case. Thanks to these guys, I’m getting my house to where I want to be, with a good piece of mind and—having double checked—a good price. Thank you
Cory RCB
23:01 14 Jun 19
Very professional, fast, friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. Excellent customer service, and reasonable prices. After thoroughly diagnosing that I needed a new Hot water heater, Robert special ordered a new one, and I had hot water again the next day. I will definitely use RCs plumbing again in the future for my other properties.Highly recommend! AAA +++
Chris kang
19:50 14 Jun 19
I own a local dog boarding and training facility; water is of the utmost importance at all times. RC's Plumbing responded more quickly and courteously to my call about a broken water line than any other company I have ever used. Problem was fixed very quickly and professionally. They will be my go-to plumbing company in Austin for me AND my kennels from this point forward. Thanks so much Justin!
Julie Jones SkyBlue Kennels
16:51 10 Jun 19
Just called this company after we came home to an overflowing sink and they were amazing!! After getting the run around from another company I called them and they said they would be here in 30 min. Robert showed up was super nice and fast!! I will be calling them again in the future for any of our plumbing needs.
STEPHANIE Rutherford
22:34 01 Jun 19
I called Robert to unstop my drain. From when I called to now it's been about a hour and thirty minutes including his drive time. What ever you are doing keep it up very fast service, great price.
Nate Broesche
19:03 26 May 19
Robert worked so hard out in the hot sun to get my water back up. He didn't complain, just kept digging. Worth every penny. Quick response time as well!
Jenny Cole
01:09 25 May 19
My father and I own a few rental homes in Austin. Robert has been doing all our plumbing for a year or so. He is very good. Always finds and fixes our issues quickly and affordably.
Jimmy Kurilla
23:54 08 May 19
If one needs a plumber this is the man you want. There is no doubt in my mind, and I call him "My Plumber" because there is no one else that I will ever call on again. What a wonderful experience it is to have him do your work. Robert is a good man hands down and one of the few plumbers I have used. If you are looking for a man to do the very best job then you need to know that he has great integrity. He is very serious about doing the "very best job!" I found him to be an outstanding man and plumber so don't hesitate on RC Plumbing. I can truthfully say there is no need for looking into anyone else. He is diligent, a hard worker, and expects nothing but excellence out of himself and whomever works for him. I am a very happy lady that I caught my eye on RC Plumbing and called him!
joan franks
05:46 26 Apr 19
If one needs a plumber this is the man you want. There is no doubt in my mind, and I call him "My Plumber" because there is no one else that I will ever call on again. What a wonderful experience it is to have him do your work. Robert is a good man hands down and one of the few plumbers I have used. If you are looking for a man to do the very best job then you need to know that he has great integrity. He is very serious about doing the "very best job!" I found him to be an outstanding man and plumber so don't hesitate on RC Plumbing. I can truthfully say there is no need for looking into anyone else. He is a diligent, hard worker, and expects nothing but excellence out of himself and whomever works for him. I am a very happy lady that I caught my eye on RC Plumbing and called him!
joan franks
01:00 21 Apr 19
The main water line to our house was busted, and we called RC's Plumbing for help. Justin called us at 7:30pm to let us know he was on his way. He and his apprentice were able to get the problem fixed quickly and were kind enough to explain the details to me as I watched. Great service, quality work. Definitely recommend!
Joseph Miner
16:15 20 Mar 19
I wish I could give more than 5 stars. These guys are awesome!! We bought a house in need of a full remodel, and not knowing any plumbers in the Austin area, I asked a trusted plumber back home if he knew anyone here. He checked around, and multiple people recommended RC’s to him, so we made the call. Great decision. We had a pretty extensive plumbing remodel, and these guys executed flawlessly. They managed to creatively solve some pretty tricky issues, they were great at communicating when they would be there and what work would be done, and they were very open and honest about their charges. Plus, they stand behind their work...6 years, no questions asked!I would highly recommend RC’s Plumbing without hesitation, for both large jobs and small. You won’t regret it, give them a call!
Matthew Morgan
02:15 20 Mar 19
I had a hard time trying to find a plumber that's reliable to work with before I knew about RC's Plumbing. On the first visit. Robert came out and quickly identify the issues with my plumbing system and offer some useful advices on water usage. Robert is very responsive and personable guy. Although I'm always busy at work, he will text/call to work with my schedule to come and fix my plumbing issues. For every project, Robert will check the prices on the parts with his supplier and estimate how many hours he will need to finish the job. Then give me a price quote. He has always been clear with the price out front, no smoke and mirrors. I have had Robert to work on several projects now. And it is safe to say, this is the best plumbing company in town.
Yi-Chun Chen
18:37 15 Mar 19
Justin and his team were so helpful! I called them one afternoon and they were out first thing the next morning. They quickly solved the two issues I had and even gave me some pointers on how to fix other potential issues that could pop up. Great customer service! Will definitely be calling Justin and team for any future plumbing needs!
Alyssa Boeggeman
02:32 09 Mar 19
Awesome service! Replaced my garbage disposal. Great conversation the whole time. These plumbers are personable, and good at their jobs
Shannon Parnham
23:32 27 Feb 19
My tenants turned on a hose and then could not turn it off. They had to shut down the water to the whole house until this tap could get repaired. Unfortunately it was almost 5pm and I wasn't sure when I could get someone over there. I called a couple of companies with no luck. At 5:06pm I reached RC's. By 6:03pm, the repair was done and my tenants were complimenting RC's on their level of service and I was happy to pay the reasonable charge. My husband and I manage a few rental properties and I think we just found "our plumber". Thank you, RC's!
Helena Marriott
14:45 22 Feb 19
I have had the pleasure of working with Robert on a couple of remodels. He was instrumental in finding simple solutions to complicated issues that popped up during construction.Fast response time and flexibility was also a great plus. I have recommended him to a few other customers and have only had great feedback from them..Will definitely use him again
Marc Armstrong
16:18 03 Feb 19
I have a lot of hair and clogged up my bathtub. The guy's at RC's Plumbing Company did an unexpectedly amazing job. I felt comfortable letting them into my home and they did a very thorough and efficient job. I will definitely reach out to them next time my hairballs get out of control. I highly recommend these guys.
Aisha Duplantier
04:47 01 Feb 19
Robert came out about 8 or 9 days ago. Our shower was over flowing on to the floor. I tried to fix the problem myself with a plunger and some Drano. The water kept backing up into my shower, also when we used water upstairs. The two companies I called first came out and said they would unclog my drain and then probably replace the piping to the street because they were positive roots were in the pipe. Robert ran his rooter machine, and uncloged my drain quickly. I've waited so long to leave this review because like I wrote before... "Roots were in my pipe" so I wanted to ensure Robert did a good job. He said because he didn't pull anything back except toilet paper, and tampons that we should be just fine. I'm glad I didn't spend thousands on ripping up my front yard, and replacing my piping. I'm very grateful I found a honest plumbing company in Austin. Do yourself and call Robert.
Alex Young
02:03 01 Feb 19
GREAT Easy water heater swap by these guys. Kept my house clean and the new water heater working great again! I would definitely recommend RC Plumbing and the cost to fix it was very good!
Yongbin Ha
00:01 26 Jan 19
Highly recommend RC's. Service was flawless, fast, and thoroughly done. Courteous customer service! Save yourself headache and rework and go with RC's.We came home late at night from Christmas vacation to a leak in the bedroom wall, on eve of New Year's eve! New Year's eve morning, my partner did a quick Google Search and RC's came up as highly rated, for good reason. Robert responded to our call immediately. He came over that morning and did a quick and reasonable assessment then talked us through the process before the drywall. Robert found the leak, came up with a plan, got parts, and resolved the issue within a couple of hours! Robert was sure to clean up everywhere he worked (attic, bedroom). He even had a great contractor to recommend (at my request) to deal with the drywall and damage to floors. I have never felt so positively about such a huge PITA than I do now, and I've been a homeowner/builder/remodeler for 8 years.
JRue Stitch
23:17 03 Jan 19
Robert was prompt and handled our plumbing issues in a cheery and professional manner. Our massive clog was fixed and the area was spotless within 1.5 hours of our original call for help. We would recommend R.C. Plumbing to everyone!
Erin Orndorff
21:16 29 Dec 18
Awesome job! Wore boot covers in my house, cleaned up after he worked, great conversation. This is an awesome business. Do yourself a favor and hire RC's Plumbing.
Terry P
03:19 23 Dec 18
Robert came by early this morning to repair my water line. He was very professional, knew what to do. I really appreciate that he was competent. Not your handyman here he's a well trained plumber. I'll use him on my next plumbing issue.
Eli L
22:52 20 Dec 18
I called Radiant because I heard them on the radio. They gave me 4 quotes on my water heater replacement. 2800 dollars was their cheapest quote. It was literally plug and play. I went to find other quotes. For a 40 gallon water heater RC's did it for less than half. Being a retired veteran they gave me a 10% discount on the savings I already made by not using the other rip off artists that I called prior.
Robbie Smith
20:28 10 Dec 18

Garbage Disposal Not Working? Call Us Now for Service in Austin, TX!

Why Do I Need Garbage Disposal Maintenance?

You may not feel that garbage disposal maintenance is quite necessary, but honestly, you couldn’t be further from the truth! In homes equipped with disposers, food waste accounts for nearly twenty percent of the overall waste traversing your sewer line. That’s huge, and with a malfunctioning disposal, you’re looking at loads of waste ending up in places it shouldn’t. This can lead to foul odors, clogs and a potential need for costly garbage disposal repair.

Don’t let your disposal sit and rot, call on our team of professionals today for garbage disposal maintenance! We can handle any issue that may arise, mechanical and plumbing both.

Have an Austin Garbage Disposal Problem?

Garbage Disposal Repair In Austin, TX

A garbage disposal that has broken down, or encountered plumbing issues can lead to all sorts of trouble. Sure, you can simply not use it for a while and get away with it, but this poses greater issues you may not have considered. Considering the nature of a disposal, leaving it to sit for extended periods can lead to:

  • Further complications with plumbing
  • Existing waste within disposal will rot, leading to foul smells
  • Potential further damage to mechanisms

Beyond these complications, many homes (Nearly fifty percent of them in the United States, in fact!) have come to depend on disposals for reliable waste removal. Not having access to this tool means more waste gets to landfills, where it can present larger complications for the overall environment. When you need a garbage disposal repair in Austin, TX, contact the professionals at RC’s Plumbing right away!

austin garbage disposal repair

Garbage Disposal Repair Simple Tips For Homeowners

Whether in use all of the time, or infrequently, even a disposal in pristine condition can occasionally get a little funky. Try out a couple quick tips to keep your disposal (and kitchen) fresh and odor-free:

  • Combine ice chips and lemon rind in your disposal and grind away. Be sure to let it all process completely for about thirty seconds.
  • Run your disposal with slightly warm water and pour a capful of dish detergent in, letting it mix up for a brief period of time. This is also great for getting rid of grease and grime that builds up in your disposal.
  • Check out our DIY guide for replacing your garbage disposal here.

Garbage Disposal Problems in Austin, TX?

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Quick service at a reasonable price

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Had trouble finding a reliable plumber. Allstate plumbing had a four day wait my toilet vale was leaking go figure. RC’ s plumbing came out within 3 hours. Justin did an awesome JOB.

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Very Pleased

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Great job, timely, honest and reasonable. He’s our new go to guy.

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Great service. Dependable and punctual

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Robert and his team did a wonderful job and exceeded my expectations.

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Super awesome guy

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My shower stopped working and I called him up. He showed up same day on the 4th of july! This is actually the second time I used him. I had an issue 2 years ago that needed immediate attention and he showed up so fast same day on a Sunday. Glad I saved his business card on my fridge. Highly recommended, he is now my go to plumber.

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Best plumber ever!

Review of RC's Plumbing Company

Robert was amazing! I called him close to bHe understood why it was so important that we had water in the house and was at my door within minutes. If you’re looking for a plumber, he’s your guy!!

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Toilet repair

Review of RC's Plumbing Company

Repaired my toilet today. Didn't take very long. Informed me about the recall on my tanks. We will be replacing my toilets soon. Thank you

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Water heater repair

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Couldn’t ask for a more outstanding service. They were punctual, knowledgeable, considerate and approachable. Probably one of the best plumbers I have encountered. Will highly recommend this company to friends and family

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Wonderful job

Review of RC's Plumbing Company

Robert came out today. He did a good job. The price didn't seem outrageous. I am very pleased with my experience.

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