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HVAC Air Handler Installations & Repairs in Austin, TX

If your AC or heat pump’s air handling unit has damaged components, you will begin to notice inefficiencies with cooling and may even experience a complete system breakdown.

Get fast solutions to urgent cooling problems by contacting our experts at RC’s Plumbing and Electrical Company LLC. We offer full-service AC and heat pump solutions that include air handler inspections, repairs, and replacements.

Give us a call today to schedule quality air handler solutions in Austin and start enjoying greater indoor comfort in no time!

How Your Air Handler Works

The air handler features the evaporator coil, blower, and air filter. The blower is responsible for pulling warm air into your system, where it’s eventually cooled by the evaporator coil. The newly cooled air is then sent out through the supply vents.

If the air filter is blocked, it will affect the performance of the evaporator coil and the blower, leading to cooling inefficiencies. Replacing the air filter regularly will help keep your air handling unit and the rest of your HVAC system operating efficiently.

Common Problems Affecting Air Handlers

Damaged blowers: If dirt, dust, and debris continue to build up in your air handler due to a blocked air filter, it will eventually cause damage to the blower.

Frozen evaporator coils: Blocked air filters can also cause the evaporator coil to freeze, which will result in a lack of cool air in your home.

Loose fan belts: Are you hearing loud and unusual sounds coming from your air handling unit? This could point to a problem with the fan belt. We can help you resolve the problem quickly by replacing loose or broken fan belts.

Refrigerant leaks: If a large amount of refrigerant ends up leaking inside your home, it can affect your health. Leaking refrigerant is often caused by corrosion in older systems.

If you are having trouble getting the cool air you need, don’t hesitate to call on our team for immediate help. We will help you carry out the most cost-effective solution based on your particular needs.

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Call our experts today to discuss your HVAC needs and learn more about your options for air handler installation, repair, or replacement. We proudly serve the comfort needs of Austin and surrounding areas.

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